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John Huling of Huling Media and Marketing was thrust right into the thick of the advertising world at a very young age.  He was hired at one of the worlds largest multimedia  companies Combined Communications Corporation. This put him right among the “biggest” of the “big” and the best of the best names in advertising and marketing. You just couldn’t be among any better in the advertising and marketing world. Expectations were  held to an exceptionally high standard or you were gone.

The popular TV show “Mad Men” featured those same advertising agencies John worked with albeit a decade  or so later.
Agencies like BBDO, Doyle-Dane Bernbach, Grey Advertising, Chiat-Day, D’Arcy-McManus, J. Walter Thompson and many more helped hone an incredible experience base to work from. John learned from the greats including John Caples, Bill Bernbach of Doyle Dane Bernbach (Volkswagen), Hank Seiden and others.

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Let Huling Media and Marketing help with your on-line and off-line marketing needs. Huling Media is a consultancy providing overall marketing and advertising "packaged strategies" designed for maximum return.